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Business Plan Builder

There are six main factors that determine success in real estate

The first success factor is the is the creation of a business plan. Your business plan, once executed, allows you to build a predictable pipeline of business resulting in foreseeable income.

Your business plan identifies your goals, reveals what makes you unique in the market, pinpoints your ideal client, how you will message in a way that connects them to you, and the specific strategies you will employ to achieve the mission identified in your plan.

Your plan will outline what you would like your business to look like, what makes you stand out in the marketplace, what separates you from your competition. It clearly establishes the value that you deliver to your prospective clients. Your business plan aligns your unique ability to your perfect client, so you can chose the fit-for-you strategy or strategies, that will most efficiently attract those clients to you.

This program consists of over 60 video's that take you step-by-step as you design a business that you love.

When you sign up you will immediately get my 40 page business plan template.

You will use this template each day to design a business that you love, as I hold-your-hand, step-by-step through the process.


Additional bonus

As an , for a limited number of people, I am going to give you one hour of my time, "Live" one-on-one that will be used to review and validate your plan. We will schedule it at a time that works for both of us.
I have also decided to add another BONUS for those that take action today.

I am going to give you access to my online 24/7 ABT training portal for life.

There are hundreds of hours of instruction that train you how to work with FSBO’s, the Legal Market, Senior Market, etc…


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